Wool Bedding does ot readily soil becuase wool's mosture absorption minimises static generation which can attract dust, and its unique microscopic scales actually shrug off dirt and repel liquids making it easier and less frequent

All Wool bedding items can be easily dry cleaned or, of they are treated, they can be washed and tumbled dried. In fact comparisions have shown that their appearance after numerous machine washings and tumble dryings is superior to acrylic blankets see (Photograph 3).

Although it is widely believed that wool blankets take longer to dry and, therefor, consume more energy, evaluations comparing wool and acrylic blankets of the same thickness (4.0mm) and some fibre diameter (22microns) showed that marginally heavier wool blanket took five minutes less to dry than acrylic one on the International Textile Care Labelling (ITCL) Wash Programme no 7.

Referenece: Wool: Thewisest choice for comtract bedding, Wool is easy for care booklete

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